for Business

for Business

Boosting productivity and improving operations
in Control Rooms

A unique modular surface able to handle multiple software and devices in a versatile, easy and efficient way.

Mine S is going to resolve your main problems of...

...Low productivity

Using keyboard and mouse for controlling recurring tasks and for operations that require  a certain accuracy can be really frustating. They are slower and less accurate than a dedicated control surface.


Mine S is a dedicated control surface that can control multiple software, devices and processes even at the same time with speed and accuracy. 

This will let your business boost the productivity!

...Difficult access to controls

If you use multiple devices with redundancy of buttons and dials to remote all the functionality you may need in your control room, you will have a dispersion of controls and devices in hardly reachable areas.


With Mine S you can have a single compact device where you can plug-in only the modules you need to optimize spaces and get easier access to all the controls, avoiding waste and redundancy.

...Rigidity of existing solutions

Businesses have special needs that can also change over time and require specific control surfaces for any process.


Mine S has a customizable and reconfigurable layout that adapts to  businesses’ ever-changing needs. You’ll always have a tailored solution for controlling your software, devices and processes. 

We can do even more for your Business

Dedicated Integration

We can develop dedicated integrations for your software, devices and processes in order to work flawlessly with Mine S.

Automation Scripts & Macros

Bring the productivity of your business to the highest level with Automation scripts and Macros! We can create dedicated automations for controlling your software, devices and processes directly with one button on Mine S.

Custom Design Products

Do you need little changes to Mine S or to existing modules? Or do you need a new special module for your control room? Tell us your special requirements!

Custom Services

Mine S is usefull for controlling a tons of software and devices already available on the market, but the potentialities of our modular control surface are limitless. So, we can develop new applications, new services, and new processes for Mine S and for your control room or business

Control Surfaces for every Business

Our Clients

Operational Control Room (Operator’s side)
Virtual Bank Office (Customer’s side)

BCC Bergamo Bank

Sportello 8-18 (Virtual Bank Office)

Mine S was installed in an operational control center where an operator can interact with customers in remote branches. Mine S controls the software and devices, and automates some operations, boosting productivity and increasing the customers’ satisfaction.

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