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Specialwaves, an Italian tech company, designs innovative, versatile, and user-friendly devices that integrate with the digital world, offering customization to meet the needs of both growing communities and businesses

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Harness the power of a versatile modular surface, effortlessly managing diverse software and devices

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Benefits of Mine S


All in One Control

Seamlessly consolidate and manage various elements from different domains through a single, adaptable interface, simplifying complex processes and enhancing efficiency.



Empower your projects with a versatile control system that adapts to various applications, providing tailored solutions for multiple domains.


Customization Freedom

Tailor your control experience to fit your unique requirements. Our modular design ensures effortless configuration and reconfiguration, guaranteeing it adapts seamlessly to your evolving needs.


Intuitive Interaction

Immerse yourself in a tactile and intuitive control interface that elevates your interaction with automation, providing a hands-on experience beyond virtual controls.

Effortless Automation Control with Mine S BAS

Experience a seamless and versatile approach to home and building automation control with Mine S. Simplify your automation, centralize control, and adapt effortlessly to changing needs. Dive into the future of automation!

Get your Mine S Studio Now

Seamlessly integrate it with various software, including music production, through MIDI protocols and extend its capabilities to diverse applications with OSC protocols. Don't wait, transform your creative workflow today!

Mine S for Broadcasting: Master Audio, Lights, and Video

Experience the future of broadcasting control with Mine S – your all-in-one solution for managing Audio, Video, and Lights simultaneously. Elevate your broadcasts to new heights and redefine your broadcasting experience today!

Mine S Studio Edition

Mine S for Control Rooms

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Explore Mine S in the CodaFacile Project


by Specialwaves

Manage even the most complex queues effectively

A flexible solution that adapts to all queue management scenarios, including shared queues

Explore Specialwaves' Array of Services

Dedicated Integration

We can develop dedicated integrations for your software, devices and processes in order to work flawlessly with Mine S.


Bring the productivity of your business to the highest level with dedicated automations to control your systems by remote them directly from Mine S.

Custom Design Products

Do you need changes to Mine S or its modules? Do you need a new special module for your control room? Tell us about your special requirements, we will listen to you!

Custom Services

The potential of our modular control surface is limitless. We can develop new applications, services, and new processes for Mine S and for your business.

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