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Reconfigurable Layout

Mine S has a customizable and reconfigurable layout that allows you to choose your preferred configurations according to your ever-changing needs instead of being forced to adapt to standard static controllers.

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All-In-One Control Surface

You no longer need multiple scattering devices with redundancy of buttons and dials. Mine S is compact, efficient, and seamlessy fits in with your workflow in any situation: in your studio, in a live, or in your office.

Plug-in only the modules you need! Optimize spaces and avoid waste and redundancy!

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Easy switch between tasks

You can control multiple software, devices, and protocols even at the same time for maximum flexibility and fluid transition from one task to the next, boosting your productivity

Other Main Features & Benefits

Easy to Reconfigure

You can swap out (even on air) and replace any module you need for a seamless performance.

Advanced Setup

You can easily map and configure Mine S for complex tasks and assign multiple protocols and software to each module

Limitless Opportunities

Offers intuitive interfacing with a wide range of software and devices, potentially delivering the ultimate experience for DJs, VJs, producers, musicians, lighting technicians, broadcasters, and more!

Long Lasting

Mine S is durable and updates regularly. You can add new modules or simply reconfigure them in the future, so you don’t have to buy a new controller.

AI Self-Recognition

Mine S is able to recognize position, orientation and type of module inserted. That means it can more easily map the controller and get you started on your creative endeavor faster.

Match your Software

With Mine S you can create a unique control surface that matches perfectly with the layout of the software you are using, eliminating user error that comes from switching back and forth from device to screen!

Store your Settings

Mine S remembers each module setup, so if a module has moved to another position, the system will memorize all of the info from that module and keeping the same setup (if desired).

Design for All

Mine S is Designed for All, including people with disabilities. In fact, the possibility of configuring a layout according to your specific needs is a great benefit because you can use the module with more efficiency and in most cases avoid errors.


The modules are diversified according to the function they perform. Each module contains a microcontroller that allows the execution of complex functions and the storage of information.

These are the 6 modules presently available now, but we are designing many new modules!


Pressure sensitive Pad with customizable RGB LED (1x1 position)


2 toggle on/off Pads with customizable RGB LED (1x1 position)


270° rotary potentiometer, native 12 bits, 4096 steps (1x1 position)


Infinite Encoder with mappable Push button and Green LED Ring composed by 13 LEDs (1x1 position)


60mm travel linear potentiometer, native 12 bits, 4096 steps
(1x3 position)


For covering the empty spaces on the case
(1x1 position)


MineApp is the heart of your Mine S experience. It’s the powerful software that unlocks the full potential of your Mine S modular controller. With MineApp, you have complete control over configuring and customizing your Mine S to perfectly suit your needs.

With MineApp, you have the power to decide how each module works with your favorite software and devices. This versatility makes Mine S suitable for various uses. It offers flexibility and customization, making it easy to adjust the controller to your specific needs and workflows.

In summary, MineApp is the software that lets you customize your Mine S controller to match your unique requirements. It transforms it into a versatile tool that can enhance your work in music production, broadcasting, and more.

Explore Mine S Studio Edition

Unlock creative freedom with Mine S Studio Edition. Designed for versatile applications, it seamlessly integrates both MIDI and OSC protocols. Explore endless possibilities in creative control.

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The Mine S controller adapts itself to the user for a seamless experience !

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