Aid Received

INNODRIVER-S3 – Edizione 2017 – Misura C     Title of the project: “Controller ed Interfacce Modulari”

This grant helps us to deposit the Invention Patent and the Design Patent for our modular solution in Italy at the beginning, and then globally. Patents are essential for protecting our products and our solutions for being copied and also for the value of the company.

Bando Linea INTRAPRENDO        Title of the project: “Mine”

This grant helps us to start our new activity in the business and cover expenditure related to research and development for the modular interface, consulting on business matter, rent office, software and more. 


This grant allows us to receive back some funds we invested into the international registration of the trademarks “Mine” and “Specialwaves”. Brand identity is one of the most important things for us and it is something we wanted to protect from the beginning. We achieved already that goal with confirmed registrations in the most important countries for our business.

Smart&Start Italia

This grant we won is a massive help for our recent activities and development. It is still in progress and supported us with expenses related to the launch of the production of our first product Mine S, toolings for prototypes and production, R&D, salaries, software and much more. We aim to finish the project with the beginning of the 2021.

Bando Archè       Title of the project: “Mine S-XS”

This grant helps us to launch the Mine S on the market supporting us with expenses related to toolings, certification, and software. Also it allows us to start the research and development of new modules for the project.

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