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Elevate Industrial Operations

Unleash unparalleled productivity and streamline operations in process management, software control, and machinery oversight. Welcome to a new era of industrial efficiency with Mine S, where a unique modular surface adapts to your company's needs, effortlessly managing multiple software, devices, and automating essential business processes.

In the realm of industrial environments, Mine S stands as the epitome of simplification in human-machine interaction. From orchestrating complex software landscapes to controlling machinery, robots, cobots, and industrial processes, Mine S is your gateway to streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Empowering Control Room Efficiency

The heartbeat of industrial plants lies within control rooms, where operators’ actions influence timing, production quality, and safety. Yet, operators often lack the right tools to respond swiftly. When a process demands immediate attention, obtaining crucial insights and responding efficiently becomes paramount. However, a room filled with monitors, each managed by its own keyboard and mouse, can hinder quick and accurate interaction.

Enter Mine S, a game-changer that empowers operators to manage multiple monitors seamlessly through a single device. Real-time interaction is at your fingertips, magnifying efficiency and reducing errors. With innovative lighting feedback directly on the control surface, immediate actions become second nature.

Revolutionizing Software Control

Mine S redefines software interaction, enabling simultaneous control of multiple applications. Launch diverse automations, steer management systems/ERP/MES, swap screens at the speed of thought, engage seamlessly in video call systems, and accelerate data input and display processes.

Cobot Mastery Made Simple

Navigating cobot setups gains newfound accuracy and immediacy with Mine S’s physical controls. Buttons, potentiometers, and encoders provide a tactile advantage over touch-screen interfaces, facilitating smoother and faster robot configuration.

But the benefits of Mine S don’t stop there. Our control surface goes beyond setup tasks, offering a real-time manual control option that opens up new possibilities for demonstrations, education, and human-machine collaboration. Engage in hands-on teaching sessions, showcase cobot capabilities, and create a stronger connection between humans and machines.

Modular Mastery in Control Surfaces

Leave behind clunky, fixed industrial control surfaces and embrace the future of modularity with Mine S. Our adaptable technology effortlessly adjusts to varying contexts, replacing outdated layouts that hinder adaptability. Configure a tailor-made solution in record time and transform your device’s functionality to control diverse machinery and processes.

Experience the Mine S Advantage, where precision, efficiency, and adaptability converge to drive your industrial endeavors forward. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey toward industrial excellence.

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