Frequently Asked Questions

Mine s studio

Yes. Mine S can speed up your workflow in the studio thanks to its versatility with any software.

Yes, and thanks to the modularity of the product, you can set up the perfect layout for any live situation, controlling your entertainment application precisely

Mine S is compatible with MacOs and Windows.

Encoders can achieve up to 65536 steps (native 16bits). Sliders and Pots can achieve up to 4096 steps (native 12bits).

Yes, the expandability of Mine S is endless. We can always add new modules in the future. We also welcome feedback from our community about future modules that they’d like to see, so don’t hesitate to reach out. We are already working on motorized fader and display.

We are working on Mine S to be standalone in the future. You will only have to download an update when this function will be released. 

Normally, Mine S is powered via the USB cable which allows furthermore the data connection with the PC. However, in certain cases, it may be useful to integrate with an external power supply (optional). Being Mine S a modular controller it is possible that, using only the USB cable as power supply, there is not enough current to satisfy, for example, the needs for maximum brightness if you choose to use several modules with LEDs (Pad or Double-Pad). There may be also insufficient power if the PC connected to Mine S has USB 2.0 or earlier. In these cases, the use of the external power supply will restore the proper operation.

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