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Control Building Automation in a simple and immediate way

How does Mine S BAS Edition work?

Mine S BAS Edition boasts the capability to send and receive telegrams via IP, utilizing Ethernet or WiFi connectivity. This functionality proves invaluable for a multitude of purposes, including the activation of predefined scenarios, fine-tuning system parameters, and direct control over devices like lighting and blinds.

To facilitate seamless command execution and adjustments, Mine S offers a diverse selection of control types, referred to as Modules. These modules can be arranged at will on our modular surface, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Moreover, some modules are equipped with indicator lights that serve a dual purpose - providing visual feedback for commands and system status. Incoming telegrams further enhance performance by enabling synchronization between module states and system status.

About Mine S BAS Edition

Unlock the potential of Home and Building Automation with Mine S BAS Edition, your versatile and modular control interface. Seamlessly manage diverse systems, from lighting and climate to security, all from a single, customizable surface. Whether you’re a homeowner, integrator, or facility manager, Mine S BAS Edition empowers you to tailor your control experience to perfection.



Pressure sensitive Pad with customizable RGB LED (1x1 position)


Toggle on/off Pad with customizable RGB LED (1x1 position)


2 toggle on/off Pads with customizable RGB LED (1x1 position)


270° rotary potentiometer, native 12 bits, 4096 steps (1x1 position)


Infinite Encoder with mappable Push button and Green LED Ring composed by 13 LEDs (1x1 position)


For covering the empty spaces on the case (1x1 position)


60mm travel linear potentiometer, native 12 bits, 4096 steps (1x3 position)

Context of Use

Debugging and simulation

Ideal for debugging building automation projects. Offers effective simulation during development, making it easy to test and troubleshoot your systems.

Training workstation

Perfect for training courses, facilitates learning of automation concepts with an intuitive interface.

Centralized Control

In contexts such as hotels, shopping centers, condominiums, hospitals, museums, swimming pools, offices, universities, and much more, it can be used to centralize control in a manned control station.


One of the distinguishing features is its ease of use. It is ideal in situations where control of the home and building automation system needs to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of familiarity with the technology.

Enhanced Control

By replacing traditional pushbuttons, it offers greater precision and efficiency.

One Device, Countless Possibilities

Simulating and Testing

The Advantages of Mine S BAS Edition


Compared to touch screen surfaces, it has a physical approach that allows you to avoid errors and be more precise and efficient.


Mine S BAS Edition is the ideal concentrator and simplifier because it can manage all devices simultaneously, even outside the field of home automation.


You don't need to remember screens and hidden settings, with Mine S BAS Edition you always have the necessary functions visible.


With Mine S BAS Edition you always have the perfect tool, because it can always be reconfigured based on the change/replacement of the devices to be controlled.


You can receive light feedback directly on Mine S BAS Edition so you always have everything under control.

Profiles Available


KNX is an open standard for home and building automation. It is a decentralized communication system that allows devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other. KNX is used to control a wide range of devices, including lighting, blinds, HVAC systems, and security systems.

How to configure KNX protocol

You can effortlessly configure telegrams with our dedicated Mine KNX Setter application. With this application, you have the power to customize button functions, encoder settings, and adjustments. Additionally, you can easily choose from the available KNX connections within your network. Take a look at the screenshots below for a visual reference:

In addition, the MineApp Configurator plays a crucial role in configuring and pairing the single/double buttons, encoders, potentiometers, and sliders on the physical Mine S with the functionalities created using the Mine KNX Setter.


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a stateless, application-level protocol that follows the request-response model. It is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web, and it is also used in home and building automation.

In the context of home and building automation, HTTP is used to control devices and retrieve information from them. For example, an HTTP request can be used to turn on a light, adjust the thermostat, or get the current temperature of a room. HTTP is a simple and lightweight protocol, which makes it easy to implement and use. It is also widely supported by devices and software, which makes it a good choice for home and building automation applications.

How to configure HTTP protocol

Configuring the HTTP protocol is a straightforward process with the MineApp Configurator application. Simply insert the appropriate HTTP strings into each module for seamless setup.

Connecting Mine S BAS Edition

Mine S BAS Edition interfaces with KNX and HTTP protocols, but we also develop custom integrations. It requires a USB connection to our MineApp Server application, which allows integration with the target protocols.

To do this, we offer two distinct solutions:

1. Mine S BAS Edition connected to a PC

If you have a PC available on site, we provide an installer with MineApp Server, MineApp Configurator (the interface for configuring Mine S BAS and its modules) and Mine KNX Setter (for configuring KNX messages). Once configured, MineApp Server runs in the background. This solution is optimal in various scenarios, such as bars, shops, hotel receptions, and all scenarios in which a PC remains continuously operational. It is also highly useful for simulation of projects by System Integrators and for training purposes.

2. Mine S BAS Edition connected to MineHub provided by us

In this scenario, Mine S BAS Edition connects to MineHub, which is able to communicate with KNX/HTTP over the network. We also provide MineApp Configurator and Mine KNX Setter, which are useful in the configuration phase. This solution is suitable for the previously mentioned cases and can be extended to situations without a PC on site or for a more embedded scenario.

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