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Get your Mine S Studio now!

Welcome to the Specialwaves online store, where you can purchase the Mine S Studio Edition – the versatile modular control surface designed to transform your creative and professional endeavors.  Mine S Studio Edition is our flagship product, offering a wealth of possibilities for musicians, creators, and professionals across various industries. With its adaptable design and support for MIDI and OSC protocols, Mine S Studio Edition empowers you to craft your ideal control interface.

Please Note: While Mine S Studio Edition is available for online purchase through our store, other versions of Mine S are sold through direct contact with our team or authorized resellers and distributors. If you’re interested in alternative Mine S configurations, please reach out to us for personalized assistance.

We recommend you to buy also the Power Supply when you order your Mine S. The Power Supply is already included in the Mine S Pro Bundle. 
For more info about this matter, please read the FAQ or the User Guide. If you still have doubts please contact us!

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